Botany Bay

The Future. A popular young president is murdered before she can deliver a major policy address. Our hero, David, heads… Read more »


DEAD is the tale of a Ranger named Mort, at the end of the world, searching for the lost son… Read more »

Darkness in the Flame

Mars once teemed with life and death long before Earth did. Rhone is a mixed-blood war slave, the offspring of… Read more »


Postmortem is a bleak little slice of Southern Gothic. It is a story of greed, violence and cosmic justice, told… Read more »

The Paperless Doctrine of 2152

Books. They have weight. They have soul. They transport data from author to reader, slowly. They can even burn. But they can’t generate revenue in the suggestive ad market. What good is a object when it can’t embed the desire for a fish sandwich directly into the psyche of the user. No good at all. The book must die.

Aaron M. Wilson explores the last book store in the world.