Our Final Crash & Other Short Stories by Laura Spain

Our Final Crash by Laura Spain

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With this collection Laura Spain has captured the beauty of growing up in Nashville.
Comprised of three stories she injects all the longing and nostalgia that goes with it.
The Melody of a Willow’s Memory delves into the Nashville of the past, blending nonfiction and fiction together seamlessly.
Orion’s Belt is the shortest of the three, and perfectly depicts two sisters as they wait for the coming normality of their parent’s separation.
Our Final Crash is ingeniously crafted, with an ending that will take you completely by surprise.
These three stories were picked because of Spain’s grasp of reader’s expectations, and her ability to turn that on it’s head, consistently.

Laura Spain grew up in, and lives, in Nashville, TN and she is unlike anything you have ever read before. We couldn’t be prouder to get to work with her.

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