Three calls for submissions!

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We have three announcements today and we couldn’t be more excited. All of these are in regards to upcoming projects, or on going projects


First, This summer we’re doing a genre fiction series, called Summer of the Fantastic.
It’s not one specific subcategory, but we want tales of adventure, or Magic—stories of fantastical happenings. In our world and other worlds. I know it’s pretty broad, but we want to keep it broad to entice a wide range of fantastical genre fiction stories. We already have some submissions that have come in from personal contacts, but no releases are set in stone currently.
It should be noted that anything sent will also be considered as a short during the rest of the year. It’s not like this is the only time we’ll be publishing genre fiction. I, for one, love genre fiction. So don’t fret if you don’t make it into The Summer of the Fantastic. See the full Submission Guidelines here.


Second, in October we’ll be releasing a collection of horror stories.
We’d like 13  stories that fall under the huge umbrella category of horror. For this we’re looking for stories about creepy happenings, monsters, ghosts, demons, or good old fashioned blood, guts, and gore. This is a pretty broad topic and if you feel like your story is a horror, send it our way. Instead of being a set of stand alone shorts this one will be a collection that will be packaged together as a single unit. We have had a lot of luck with this kind of thing in the past and we want this to become a yearly event. I keep seeing the genre of horror not get it’s dues, and we’d like, in whatever way we can, to help have that not happen. Let’s stand together and make a collection of stories worth reading. Also, if we can scare the crap out of some people, that would be something to be proud of. See the full Submissions Guidelines here.


And third, and finally, we’re re-activating the Cifiscape project.
Cifiscape is a portmanteau of Sci-Fi and Cityscape. This is a project we have previously worked on, and we are excited to announce that we’re reopening it. Submissions for this are a little different than other projects that we do. We’re looking for tales of the future. We previously did two volumes of short stories about the future of Minneapolis. We’re making it much more open ended this time and want to do tales of the future from ANY city. When we first started the project in 2010, we said it needed to be science fiction. But really it can be any genre as long as it’s set in the future of a city. It’s geographically-focused, future-based fiction. So steampunk, scifi, speculative, or murder mystery would all be appropriate submissions for this project. We’ll be releasing them in the format we’ve been releasing our Onyx Neon Shorts series, and using this site as the base for it. It is about describing the future zeitgeist of a city, so if you feel like this fits what you write, you’ll know it, so submit it. If you have questions or want to ask if your story fits just let us know and we’ll be happy to talk.

A full submission guideline is available here.

How to submit
If any of these sound like they are something you’d want to be involved with please let us know and submit your shorts at

We’re looking forward to talking with you!

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