River Don’t Run by Gary Gray


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Categories: Literary Fiction, General Fiction

Read time: 45 mins


Two short stories from Seattle-based author Gary Gray.
One is hot and heavy, like a southern summer; the other is cool and seeped in longing, like a New England fall leading into winter. Both perfectly fit the tone that Gray has set out to capture.
With strong, memorable, characters with a hint of malice or magic, Gray has two incredible stories that you won’t want to miss.

River Don’t Run:
It’s late. It’s dark. A cop with nothing to live for is alone with a bottle of whiskey and a loaded pistol when headlights come bouncing round the corner. The car parks. He takes another slug of whiskey and grabs the pistol. He needs to be alone.

Tangletown Tailor:
As an aging tailor closes his shop for good, he’s visited by a mysterious man with a strange request. The tailor’s curiosity drives him to oblige the odd customer’s request, but after a late-night encounter, the tailor wonders if he’s being foolish or helpful? Is he putting himself in danger?



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